Spin Legend Shane Warne Praises Virat Kohli Heavily

Image Source : Zee News

The land of the Kangaroos is known for the birthplace of some major bowling sensations. Among them is a veteran spin legend Shane Warne. Every batsman who has played in Warne’s era dreaded his spin bowling.

However, the veteran player believes that if Virat Kohli had played in his prime days, he would have easily smashed him out of the park. Warne further said that it would have been difficult for him to get Kohli out.

Warne is in awe with the 30-year-old cricketer. He says that Kohli brings passion to the game and this is why Warne is a huge fan of Kohli. Warne also said that Kohli is terrific as a skipper and brings a lot for the Men in Blue. In an exclusive interview to India Today, Warne said:

I am a huge fan of Virat. What he brings to the world game is passion. He’s not someone who just toes the line and says what he is meant to say, he says what he feels. He is passionate, he is emotional. And I love that, his cricket, what he brings to the table. I love that he is a terrific leader of men.

Warne said that Kohli’s love for the longest format of the game makes him even more special. Kohli maintains the same set of standards in every format of the game, which makes him a delight to watch.

“He is an absolute superstar of the world game. And he loves Test cricket so I really respect that as an old-time player who loves Test cricket. I love that he is really pushing it and making it the best form of the game. That’s not to say T20 is not fun, it’s awesome, ODI cricket is awesome,” he added.

Warne picked his two favourite teams for the 2019 World Cup

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When Shane Warne was asked to pick two favourite teams for the upcoming World Cup, he selected India and England. Warne also added the importance of MS Dhoni’s inclusion in the Indian squad. He said that the former skipper would bring in much experience during the crunch moments of the game.

“MS Dhoni for me is in the side. For me, he can bat at number four, five, six depending on any situation. So he is definitely the wicket-keeper for me in the team. You need that experience in the squad to win a World Cup. You need your big players to perform well and if India are going to win the World Cup they need Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, and MS Dhoni to perform as well as guys like Bhuvi and Bumrah need to perform really well, “ Warne concluded.