Sachin-Kohli Take Kit Up Challenge; Real Boss Revealed

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Indian batting legend Sachin Tendulkar has been an inspiration to all the budding cricketers all around the world. He has been the most consistent cricketer and has many records to his name.

Tendulkar’s records include most number of centuries, half-centuries, most runs and most Man of the Match awards. He has achieved almost everything over the span of twenty years of his cricketing career.

When a young lad named Virat Kohli led India to a U19 World cup victory in 2008, many started talking about his similarities with the great Tendulkar. Since then the talks turned to truth as Kohli indeed started to create his own legacy.

Often a debate arises about who is the greatest player between Kohli and Tendulkar. That debate might not end soon as both the players played in different genres and against different opposition.

Another comparison comes to mind while talking about this duel, is the number of centuries. While Tendulkar has reached the magical figure of 100 international centuries, Kohli is still far away and has the possibility to overcome the magical number.

On one hand Tendulkar has scored 51 Test centuries and 49 ODI centuries. On the other Kohli has so far scored 25 Test centuries and 39 ODI centuries.

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Tendulkar defeats Kohli in kit up challenge

However there is one field where recently the Master Blaster defeated the current Indian skipper. The 45-year-old legend invited his 30-year-old protegee to take part in a kit up challenge. The task was to see who can kit up fast and get ready to bat.

Tendulkar took near about 34 seconds to totally kit up while Kohli took almost a minute to get ready. Kohli used his Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) kit for the challenge while Tendulkar used the national team kit.

The fans might argue that Sachin used pads which had two straps while Virat used pads which had three straps. Hence he took extra time to strap himself.

They might also argue that Kohli had to put on an extra pad on his right thigh which Sachin didn’t use. But when it came to don the gloves, Tendulkar was clearly the fastest between the two.

Both the cricketers had a good time doing the challenge. For the fans it is a dream come true to see their two best cricketers get ready before taking on the opposition.

Here is the video of the kit up challenge: