Kohli’s Comment For Pandya Makes Him A Good Leader

Indian cricketers Hardik Pandya and KL Rahul are going through the toughest phase of their careers. This has happened because of the sexist comments they made in the popular talk-show Koffee With Karan.

The controversy is one of the most trending issues all over the world. The BCCI handed both the cricketers a show cause notice. They are told to clarify their comments made on the show.

Meanwhile the Committee of Administrators (CoA), headed by Vinod Rai, have banned the players from the ongoing Australian tour. Many were wondering what the Indian skipper Virat Kohli had to say regarding the matter. While at first he kept himself aloof, but later he opened up.

During an interview Kohli said:

We, definitely, as the Indian cricket team do not support views like that and that has been communicated.

 “I can definitely say that as the Indian cricket team and responsible cricketers we definitely don’t align with those views and those are purely individual views,” he added.

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Kohli’s comments portray him as a great leader

But the second part of the comments showed why Kohli is a great leader. The whole controversy has indeed created an atmosphere of high tension. While everyone was shaming Pandya and Rahul, Kohli disagreed to their comments, but he didn’t abandon them.

“… the two concerned players felt what has gone wrong and they have understood the magnitude of what’s happened,” Kohli didn’t forget to mention. “Definitely, it has to hit anyone hard, they will definitely understand the things that have not gone right.”

The entire situation shows Kohli’s awareness as a captain. He feels responsible for his team on and off the field. He stands beside his teammates even in their harshest of times.

Here is the video of the interview: