3 Australian Players Who Can Sledge Virat Kohli in the Upcoming Test Series

The Indian skipper Virat Kohli is one of those players who likes to take the game to the opposition, challenge them and then take them down every bit.

He can get unstoppable whenever someone approaches him with words. Moreover, he makes sure that not only just answer with his mouth, but also makes his bat talk for him.

Many cricketers have tasted the medicine and have preferred to stay away from his path. But the Australians are not the ones to easily back off. There are some Aussies who would still want to sledge the 30-year-old batsman and try to get him out.

“When it comes to getting engaged in an argument on the field, I have been completely okay playing without an altercation. I have enough belief in my abilities. Those were very immature things I used to feed on when I was younger,” the skipper said making things clear during the pre-departure interaction.

Here are some of the players who might dare to have a battle of words with Kohli:

1. Pat Cummins

The Aussie pacer was the one who started the verbal war months before the series started. In a statement he said that he would not let the Indian skipper score a century against his team.

Cummins was pretty sure that he would stand in between Kohli and century. His comments got a lot of criticism. However, Cummins has decided not to back off from the battle.

“We’ll hold our ground, we’re going to be competitive and all those things. We wouldn’t treat him differently to any others. I think you’ll see a lot of passion from both sides but nothing super fiery like we saw against India a couple of years ago,” he said recently when asked about the verbal battle.

Cummins also said that he needs to get fired up in order to keep his head and focus in the game.