Dhoni’s Advice Helps Kuldeep Get Maxwell’s Wicket

Veteran wicketkeeper-batsman MS Dhoni is India’s most experienced player on the field. His valuable experience and advice comes in handy from time to time. Not only with the bat but also from behind the stumps, Dhoni gives valuable advice.

From skipper Virat Kohli to the bowlers, everyone looks up to Dhoni for advice. His constant advices to the spinners has become a normal sight now. A similar incident happened in the second ODI between India and Australia.

The match was evenly poised during the 29th over when chinaman Kuldeep Yadav came to bowl. India had squeezed the run rate a bit and the Aussies were feeling the pressure.

Even consecutive dot balls were adding to the pressure. Batsman Glenn Maxwell was looking restless as he had taken many balls and has scored just 4 runs till then. At that moment Dhoni advised Kuldeep to bowl in the same area.

Kuldeep delivered the ball right in the middle of the pitch. Maxwell sensed this as an opportunity and went for a huge pull shot. However the ball kept low and the shot selection was totally wrong. The ball went on to hit the stumps of Maxwell and shattered them.

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Dhoni did it again

The Indians were seen celebrating in style and definitely the credit should go to MS Dhoni. Maxwell is one such batsman who can become fearsome and can take the game away.

But Dhoni’s excellent presence of mind prevented this and Kuldeep did the rest. The breakthrough gave India confidence as they bounced back and eventually won the game by 8 runs.

Here is the video: