Dhoni Reveals What He Does During Tahir’s Celebration

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Everyone is aware of Imran Tahir’s wild celebrations when he picks a wicket. He has a unique way of celebrating a wicket. Moreover he has always earned respect from every captain he has played under.

Be it South Africa’s skipper Faf du Plessis or Chennai Super Kings’ skipper MS Dhoni. Tahir is a common favorite for all the skippers. Recently Dhoni funnily revealed his feelings regarding Tahir’s celebration.

Dhoni is widely known for keeping a cool mind on the field. On the other hand the 40-year-old Tahir is full of emotions and over-excitement. The “Parasakthi Express” is also CSK’s highest wicket-taker of IPL 2019.

When Tahir picks a wicket, he spreads his arms and starts running from one end of the ground to another. On Wednesday, Tahir took four wickets against Delhi Capitals as CSK won the game by 80 runs. Tahir also celebrated his four-wicket haul in style.

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Dhoni speaks about Tahir’s celebration

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While speaking about Tahir’s celebration, Dhoni said that he is not fit enough to keep up with the energetic celebration. “It’s great fun to watch Tahir celebrate. But we have made it very clear that me and Watson we are never coming to him once he gets a wicket because more often he runs to the other side,” funnily said Dhoni.

MSD further said that instead of running after Tahir, they wait for him to come back from where he started. “For me and Watson, it’s a bit difficult when you are not 100% fit. Why go over there and congratulate. The good thing is he finishes his lap and comes back to the same place. So that’s the time we say, ‘yeah, very well done..well bowled’ and we go back to our fielding positions,” Dhoni added.

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