Aakash Chopra Slams Dhoni For Entering The Field

Cricketer-turned-commentator and analyst Aakash Chopra shared his views on the non-no-ball controversy just like everyone. The incident happened in the game between Rajasthan Royals and Chennai Super Kings.

Chopra was neither impressed with the umpiring standards nor with MSD’s unprecedented action in the final over. The controversy was that the straight umpire called a waist-high no-ball in the last over.

However he didn’t take into account that the batsman was standing a little ahead of the crease. The leg-umpire wasn’t impressed and he overturned the decision. The change in decision irked CSK skipper MS Dhoni.

He felt that as the straight umpire has given a no-ball, it should stand as one. Furthermore Dhoni stormed into the field without anyone’s permission. According to Chopra, it was a very bad example set by the veteran.

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Opposition skipper has no right to walk onto the field

Aakash Chopra tweeted about the incident saying that he was crossed and miffed with the decision of the umpires. However the opposition captain has no right to walk onto the field after being dismissed. Dhoni was fined 50 per cent of the match fees because of his act.

“Umpiring standards have been pretty low in this #IPL and that was a no-ball given and reversed. Enough to feel crossed and miffed. But the opposition captain has no right to walk out on the pitch after being dismissed. Dhoni set a wrong precedent tonight. #RRvCSK #IPL,” tweeted Aakash Chopra after the incident.

Here is the tweet: