Daryl Mitchell’s LBW Decision Makes DRS Questionable

Image Source : CricTracker

In a fast game like cricket, sometimes it becomes very difficult for the umpires to make correct on-field calls. As a result the Decision Review System (DRS) was introduced to help make the correct decisions by seeing video footage.

But in the ongoing 2nd T20I between New Zealand and India at the Eden Park in Auckland, a bizarre incident happened. Third umpire Shaun Haig used all the DRS technology to give Kiwi batsman Daryl Mitchell out wrongly.

As a result there was a huge chaos in the middle. But the third umpire’s decision stood finally and the batsman had to walk back to the pavillion.

The incident happened in the sixth over of the Kiwis’ innings. India’s spinner Krunal Pandya delivery a short ball which skidded through the surface. The ball eventually went on to hit Mitchell’s pads and the on-field umpire gave him out straightaway.

However Mitchell had inside-edged the delivery and hence he opted to take the DRS review. Replays clearly showed that the ball had hit the bat before hitting the pads. Even the hotspot also confirmed that there was an edge.

As a result the TV umpire decided to use the Real-Time Snickometer (RTS) to confirm the call. But to everyone’s surprise, there was no spike on the RTS when the ball passed tha bat. As a result of the flat-line on RTS, the TV umpire upheld the on-field umpire’s call and Mitchell was given out.

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Rohit wanted to call Mitchell back but he wasn’t allowed

In the meantime there was a total chaos in the middle regarding the decision. Kiwi skipper Kane Williamson was seen clearly protesting the incident. Even the Men in Blue were shocked to see the decision as they saw the inside edge on the big screen.

Both the Kiwi batsmen confronted the on-field umpires to think over the decision again. Even Indian skipper Rohit Sharma joined the discussion. It seemed that Mitchell might have asked Rohit to withdraw his appeal.

At one point it seemed that Rohit looked convinced. He spoke to the umpires regarding the decision ad wanted to call Mitchell back. But unfortunately the final decision was made and the batsman had to walk back.

Seeing the circumstances, it can be assumed that Rohit was not allowed to call Mitchell back. This could be because it would send a bad signal regarding umpiring. The entire details of the match can be revealed in the post-match ceremony once the match ends.

Here is the video of the incident: