Salaries And Annual Contracts Of Indian Cricketers

Jadhav improved his game a great deal over the past few years. He is a veteran in the domestic circuit and is known for his unique and unorthodox shots. He can hit the bowlers at such areas of the field which is unimaginable.

Apart from his batting, Kedar is a handy bowler too. The opponent batsmen finds it difficult to read his low-arm unusual action. The all-rounder regularly features in the ODI format and plays the role of a finisher. It has been long since Jadhav played a T20I and hence gets paid only ₹1 crore for this year.

20. Dinesh Karthik – ₹1 Crore

The wicketkeeper-batsman from Tamil Nadu had played some great quality cricket over the last months. But because of presence of MS Dhoni and Rishabh Pant, there is a stiff competition between the three.

As a result Karthik’s role has been limited and he haven’t got many opportunities. Moreover his position in the World Cup squad still remains an uncertainty. On the other hand the BCCI has also downgraded his contract from ₹3 crores to ₹1 crore this year.

21. Ambati Rayudu – ₹1 Crore

Rayudu has somewhat solved India’s problem of No. 4 batsman for the upcoming World Cup. He is capable for building the innings and can also accelerate if its needed. Rayudu has got many shots in his arsenal.

However in recent times he is struggling a bit, but is one knock away from getting his mojo back. This is why BCCI has decided to offer Rayudu a central contract. As Rayudu plays only ODI cricket, he is placed in the ‘Grade C’ bracket.