Salaries And Annual Contracts Of Indian Cricketers

10. Shikhar Dhawan – ₹5 Crores

The left-hander opener is also one such player who is struggling recently. Dhawan has become highly inconsistent and also fails to provide good starts which he did previously. As a result of his poor form, he was sacked from the Test team too.

Now the BCCI has also decided to downgrade Dhawan’s contract from ‘Grade A+’ to ‘Grade A’. However Dhawan might make a comeback soon and get his ‘Grade A+’ contract back next year. He is also an important piece in India’s plan for the upcoming mega tournament.

11. Ishant Sharma – ₹5 Crores

Ishant has been getting good with age. He has always been talented but failed to maintain his consistency levels. But the management had to stick with him as there were no better options available.

But now the management’s decision is reaping rewards. Ishant is now performing consistently especially in the longest format of the game. As a result of his performances, BCCI upgraded his contract from ‘Grade B’ to ‘Grade A’ this year.

12. Mohammed Shami – ₹5 Crores

It seems that the Bengal-born pacer has rediscovered his talent in the last few months. Shami shed a lot of weight and it has created a huge impact in his game. He was always a part of the Test squad, but was ignored in the limited-overs format.

But his recent performances has been exceptional and might have earned him a World Cup spot. Shami is picking up wickets on a regular basis and is also restricting the run-flow. He is now playing both Test and ODI format and as a result his contract was enhanced this year.