Sreesanth Finally Reveals What Happened In “Slapgate” Controversy with Harbhajan Singh

For the most part of his career, Sreesanth has been the focus of controversy. Talking of a face-off with Andre Nel or a send-off to Adam Gilchrist and Matthew Hayden during the semi-final of World T20 2007, the pacer has done it all.

Nonetheless one of the biggest controversy happened when he got involved with his fellow countryman Harbhajan Singh.

Sreesanth had wished Bhajji ‘hard luck’ after their third consecutive loss in the first season of IPL in 2008. This instigated Bhajji as he slapped the pacer hard on his cheeks.

The incident came into light when Sreesanth was seen sobbing uncontrollably on camera before the presentation ceremony.

In spite of huge controversy, the players later patched up and Sreesanth even referred Bhajji as his elder brother. Harbhajan was later banned from the rest of the tournament when proven guilty.

The pacer has spoken about the incident many times, but recently he has spilled some surprising news. While giving an interview in the Bigg Boss house, Sreesanth revealed that he felt helpless when hit and hence burst into tears. Here is the video of the interview.

The fast bowler from Kerala was often known for his aggressive attitude and celebration. He was also known for his emotional behaviour. He was often handed several warnings by the BCCI regarding his discipline and breaching the code of conduct.

Currently Sreesanth has been banned for life because of allegation of spot-fixing during the 2013 season of IPL. He has been fighting his case in the court but BCCI has decided not to uplift the ban from the cricketer.