India Takes Detour To Wellington; Wastes Two Hours

Team India and New Zealand played a one-sided fourth ODI where the Kiwis totally dominated over the visitors. They are now all set to lock horns for the fifth and final ODI to be played in Wellington.

But before the match there is another issue that has become the talk of the town. There was direct flight from Hamilton to Wellington. Instead of opting for that, the visiting team decided to take a two-hour detour.

The reasons for the detour is still unknown. All the Kiwi players, along with their spouses, decided to take the direct 90-minute flight Hamilton to Wellington.

But Team India decided to travel first to Auckland from Hamilton by bus. Then they took a flight of about an hour and a few minutes and reached Wellington. After that they went to the team hotel, which is only 10 minutes from Wellington airport.

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BCCI didn’t want to give any reason

According to reports from Mumbai Mirror, no one from BCCI or members associated with the team, didn’t disclose the reason of the detour. But an unnamed source confirmed that no member was unhappy with the detour travel on Friday.

“The bus journey was one hour, 45 minutes and the flight from Auckland to Wellington was just about an hour and there was a little rest in the airport lounge. The drive from Wellington airport to the hotel is just 10 minutes,” he said.

The Kiwis took the turbo flight for their travel. Although the flight is slow, yet it would have saved India’s two hours of journey. Only time will say if BCCI releases any official statement regarding this matter.