Hardik Hit 1000 Balls To Calm Himself After Suspension

Indian all-rounder Hardik Pandya got injured in the Asia Cup previously. He worked extremely hard to regain his fitness. But his career was put in doldrums after he returned to the national team.

This happened after the Baroda cricketer made controversial remarks in a talk-show named Koffee With Karan. As a result of his inappropriate remarks, he was suspended by the BCCI’s CoA.

Moreover he lost a brand deal with Gillette, which specializes in safety razors and other personal care products. He was also flown back to India midway through the Australian tour.

However recently his suspension was revoked until further inquiry. After the good news was revealed Pandya’s mentor, Kiran More, revealed how Pandya channelized his anger during the suspension period.

More revealed that the 25-year-old cricketer chose cricket as a getaway from the controversy. He revealed that Pandya chose to hit the ball hard to relieve all his frustrations, which helped him too.

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More believes the controversy was blown out of proportion

“When I was working with him in my academy in Baroda, I saw him hitting the ball cleanly. I asked him how he had managed to retain that touch. He told me, ‘Sir, I hit a 1000 balls in Australia when I was removed.’ That’s the way to do it,” More told India Today.

Kiran also praised Hardik for his hard work and dedication. He also revealed that he is very much happy to hear that the youngster will get to play cricket again soon.

“I remember him as a very talented cricketer, who wanted to do everything – bowl, bat, field and he wanted to win. I am just happy he will get to play cricket again,” More recollected.

Kiran More also believed that the controversy was blown out of proportion. He said that he has known Pandya for long. More stressed that Pandya doesn’t have a single misbehaviour record against him.

“He made a mistake and apologized. I think things were blown out of proportion. He doesn’t have a bad track record on the field. I have known him for long. There is not single cricket misbehaviour I remember,” concluded More.