Bhajji Regrets Slapping Sreesanth; Wants To Rectify It

Although 11 years have passed after the infamous ‘slap-gate’ incident, yet people still talk about it. The incident happened during the Indian Premier League (IPL). No one can forget the pictures of teary-eyed S Sreesanth.

In the early phases of the tournament Mumbai Indians was going through a rough patch. Then-skipper Harbhajan Singh was clearly frustrated with the team’s progress. After one match against Kings XI Punjab, Bhajji ended up slapping Sreesanth.

Sree bowled his team to victory. But it was his over-aggressive sendoffs to MI batsmen which ignited the cause. There was no actual footage of the incident. But the onlookers suggested Bhajji lost his cool and ended up slapping the Kerala-born pacer.

In a recent interview with BehindWoods Air, Bhajji finally apologised for that grave mistake. He even expressed that if he could change one thing in his life, it would definitely be that incident.

Bhajji told BehindWoods Air:

Whatever happened with Sreesanth.. me and him on the field… a lot of people talk about that incident now. If I have to go back and rectify something in my life, I would correct that. I shouldn’t have done that.

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The incident shouldn’t have happened

Soon after Bhajji’s apology broke out, then Mumbai Indians coach, Lalchand Rajput, expressed his happiness. He said that the apology was a long due and he was happy that it finally came.

“I am happy that Bhajji (Harbhajan) has apologised. The players are ambassadors of cricket and the national team and they should control their temper and set an example through good conduct for junior cricketers,” Rajput told the Gulf News.

Bhajji further added that the incident shouldn’t have happened. He regards Sreesanth as one of the top guys. He also added that he still considers him as his brother. Moreover he extended his good wishes to the pacer and his family.

“That was a mistake and I am sorry about that. It shouldn’t have happened. Sreesanth is a top guy and he had so much of skill. My best wishes to Sreesanth and his wife and to their children. No matter what people say, I am still your brother,” he added further.