Ashwin Supports Unadkat’s Suggestion Of Face-Masks

Image Source : Amar Ujala

Recently a dreadful incident where the entire cricketing fraternity had their heart in their mouth. Bengal bowler Ashok Dinda got hit on his forehead while bowling at the Eden Gardens.

The incident happened during Bengal’s Twenty 20 practice match on Monday. Batsman Birender Vivek hit a straight drive off Dinda’s bowling. Dinda attempted to catch on his follow through. But he failed to stop the ball and it hit him hard on his forehead.

As a result Dinda fell on the ground and the medical staff rushed to attend him. Fortunately he stood up and completed his over before walking off the field. He was taken to a nearby hospital for a CT scan whose results returned as normal.

A CAB official in a interview to the media said, “Dinda looked fine as he completed the over before returning to the dressing room. As a precautionary measure, he was taken for scans. There is nothing alarming but he has been advised two days of rest.”

This mishap once again showed the importance of introducing safety measures for the bowlers too. With the advent of T20s, a lot of danger for the bowlers have also risen. As a result several bowlers have asked for the introduction of safety measures.

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Unadkat’s suggestion; Ashwin’s support

Saurashtra’s star-bowler Jaydev Unadkat have suggested for the introduction of face-masks for the bowlers. He took to Twitter to voice his opinion and also asked his senior Ravichandran Ashwin’s opinion.

“About time that a “face-mask” for bowlers makes its way into all that has evolved in cricket. Its scary how this kind of incidents have become frequent in our game! Hope you good Dinda @dindaashoke .. What do you say Ash bhai? @ashwinravi99,” wrote Unadkat.

Since Unadkat’s tweet, three days have passed. Finally Ashwin had replied to Unadkat’s question on Thursday. India’s veteran spinner said that he has been voucing for face-masks since 2011 and also stated that these mishaps have started happening after T20s were introduced.

“Been saying it since 2011, these kind of incidences never used to happen in the pre T 20 Era. Something has surely changed, wonder what it is🤔”