Ashwin Replies To Anderson’s Criticism On Mankading

From the moment Ravi Ashwin ‘Mankaded’ out Jos Buttler in an IPL game, he has receives a lot of criticism. But the veteran spinner stood his ground and always said it is within the rules and spirit of the game.

He believes a batsman shouldn’t cross the line before the ball is bowled. But many persons have not supported him and among them is England pacer James Anderson. The English pacer expressed his disgust in a controversial way.

Anderson came down hard on the spinner as he shredded Ashwin’s photo in an interview to a news channel. After the video went viral, the Indian cricketing community lashed out at him. However the cricketing fraternity still remained divided on the ‘Mankading’ controversy.

Ashwin is always known for not mincing his words. He was told about Anderson’s criticism on the ‘Mankading’ incident and was asked about his opinion. Ashwin came up with a very interesting response.

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Jimmy might do it tomorrow

“Today Jimmy Anderson might feel that whatever I did was wrong, maybe tomorrow he might end up doing it. Who knows, it is all a question of perception of right and wrong. I don’t think in this case it is necessary because it is in the law and I did,” Ravi Ashwin said while speaking exclusively to Aaj Tak.

Moreover Ashwin said that the criticism didn’t affect him at all and he prefers to stay quiet in this matter. He feels that the more he speaks on this issue, more discussions will happen and that is not good for the cricketers.

“Whatever I say will raise some eyebrows in terms of what my opinion on that is. That is why I didn’t feel the necessity to explain myself as well. A rule is a rule and it there is the book for everyone to use. The only factor which sort of makes me uncomfortable is how the bowling community is being victimized,” he added.