5 Players Who Can Be Highest Run-Scorers In IPL 2019

The next edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) is fast approaching. IPL 2019 will be very interesting because of the upcoming ICC World Cup. As a result a lot of players will leave the tournament mid-way and return to their respective countries for preparation.

The Indian players who will feature in the World Cup will also not play the entire tournament. This would give the young and retired players to stamp their authority and help their franchises to win the league.

There will be definitely some names who are going to be interesting to watch. A lot of domestic players would also try to show their consistency and become their franchises’ most valuable player.

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Here is the list of 5 players who can become highest run-getters and win Orange Cap in IPL 2019:

5. Mayank Agarwal

Mayank’s excellent form and consistency in the past couple of years have kept him under everyone’s radar. He would have earned a national call-up way back. But it didn’t happen due to his fitness, which he later rectified.

Many questioned about his technique in batting. He even rectified that too. Many didn’t expect him to do well in his debut on Australian pitches. But he impressed everyone in all the three innings he played.

Mayank is a complete player. His ability to handle swing bowling makes him very special. Moreover he can counter-attack as well as stabilize the innings and play it big. He reads the game well and plays accordingly.

The conditions in India also suits Mayank’s playing style. With the red hot form he is in, he will definitely be a top contender for the Orange Cap this season. Mayank would also want to shine brightly after a poor 2018 season.