5 Indian Cricketers Who Might Go Unsold In the 2019 IPL Auction

2. Vinay Kumar

The veteran player has played over 100 IPL games and has lot of experience in his tournament. Since 2008, he has played for four different teams with Kolkata Knight Riders being the last one.

However since 2014, his effectiveness as a bowler has reduced drastically and he has leaked runs at an alarming rate. His wicket-taking spree has also gone down which adds to his agony.

Over the last five seasons he has played just 28 games in which he has taken 21 wickets. In the 2018 season, he was responsible for a match-losing innings against Chennai Supper Kings, where he conceded 35 runs in 1.5 overs.

In the last over, he was given the task to defend 17 runs, which he failed. Since then he did not feature in the playing XI in the whole season. With age catching up quickly, his performance graph is drastically going down.