5 Big Money Players Who Failed Back-to-back In IPL

For long-term IPL fans, the term ‘big money’ players’ is not unknown. Although it isn’t scientifically proved, but stats suggest that players often crumble under the pressure of big money.

One of the main facts can be that because of the big money, players get extra attention from the media. They are regarded as the match-winners for their teams. Apart from Gautam Gambhir, not many have survived under the pressure of big money.

We have managed to find five names who attracted huge bids from the franchises in the past. But failed to perform as expected. They went to under-perform in back-to-back IPL seasons despite of their big money tags.

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Here is the list of 5 such players:

1. Manish Pandey

SRH has been dealing with Pandey for back-to-back two seasons. But he hasn’t made much winning contributions like David Warner, Rashid Khan or Bhuvneshwar Kumar. His performance has looked weak in the middle which has left SRH fragile in the middle overs.

He scored 284 runs in 15 games with an average of 25.81 in IPL 2018. This is pretty below par for a player who costs INR 11 crores. Things haven’t changed much in 2019 and it seems that he won’t get another chance to extend his contract further.