India Will Not Lose Points Even If They Boycott Pakistan

Image Source : India TV

The attack in the Pulwama region of Kashmir is still fresh in the minds of every Indian. More than 40 brave-heart CRPF personnel lost their lives in that attack. Since then India has boycotted Pakistan in every possible sector.

This boycott also includes the cricketing fraternity too. Television channel DSport has stopped broadcasting the ongoing Pakistan Super League matches. The IMG Reliance, who was responsible for worldwide telecast, has also pulled out their support.

Moreover there are talks going round that India might boycott Pakistan in the World Cup game. Both the teams are scheduled to face each other on June 16. But sports personnel like Harbhajan Singh and Chetan Chauhan have already opined to forfeit the match.

However one might also think that forfeiting a match means losing two points. Those points lost in a vital tournament like World Cup might hurt the World Number 2 side’s of progressing in the tournament.

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India will not lose points

However there is a big twist in the tale here. There was a Special General Meeting of the board which took place on 22 June last year. The BCCI has still not signed the Members Participation Agreement (MPA).

This means that the ball is in the court of BCCI. They can now put the case forward in favour of India. BCCI can now exercise their rights and decide whether to play Pakistan or not. In an interview to Hindustan Times, BCCI treasurer Anirudh Chaudhury explained:

The BCCI had resolved at the Special General Meeting that the members participation agreement shall not be executed without the authorization of the general body of the BCCI and the BCCI reserves all its rights regarding the MPA and regarding its participation in any other multi-nation tournament or games not covered by the MPA. That answers your question.

Meanwhile BCCI is thinking of putting pressure on ICC to ban Pakistan from playing the World Cup. This is because the country has been harboring terrorists. Soon a letter will be sent to ICC regarding the request.