ICC Can Ban BCCI If India Boycott Pakistan In WC

Image Source : timesofindia.indiatimes.com

The effect of the Pulwama attack is still alive in the hearts of every Indian. It has deeply effected the world of cricket too. BCCI is seriously considering to boycott Pakistan in the upcoming World Cup.

Not only the general public but also some big names have decided in favour of boycotting Pakistan. However recently some Government sources have advised BCCI to not take any decision in a hurry. They feel that it could land the cricketing board of India in deep trouble.

According to reports from Times of India, CoA has drafted a letter and sent it to ICC chairman Shashank Manohar on Thursday. The letter contained the request to ban Pakistan from 2019 World Cup. If they don’t do so, then India will withdraw their name.

The final call regarding is likely to be taken some time this week. However some government officials have asked BCCI to remain patient in this matter. They believe ICC may impose a ban on BCCI if the latter decide to boycott Pakistan and forfeit the game.

“We should not get isolated in order to isolate Pakistan,” the sources told NDTV. “By not playing against Pakistan, we will be giving them a walk-over.”

“Punitive action can be taken against us. ICC can even impose ban on BCCI. There is still lot of time. We should not react in hurry,” they further added.

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