Royal Challengers Bangalore were very much in headline after getting into the finals in 2016 and thereby losing the game by just 8 runs by Sunrisers Hyderabad and much was expected from this side in this edition

Virat Kohli said that the players are very much upset with the performance of the team and also the injuries ruined up the tournament completely for them, but it is high time to repent on the mistakes and move forward

“As players, it hurts us the most. We tried everything to turn things around but it just didn’t happen,” Kohli said in a promotional event on Wednesday (May 10) “These things happen sometimes. Last year was great for us, this year has been the opposite. You have to accept them and move forward.”

Kohli also acknowledged that when a team is going through a bad phase, it is difficult to erase the fine lines of pain and disappointment. “It’s not easy to pick yourself up after the kind of results that we have had. It gets tough when you are pushing the team forward in whatever way you can and not getting the desired results. That’s when you expect the players who you believe are good enough at this level to step up, motivate themselves and take ownership of the team.”

Kohli also stated that the RCB camp has embraced and accepted the slew of losses by taking it in the right spirit. “It’s very easy to get frustrated and point fingers when you are not doing well but I think we have embraced and accepted what has happened.

“We have tried to laugh it off at times. There have been situations that have been so helpless that we have come back to the change room laughing,” he said in a light-hearted manner.

Kohli concluded by saying that it was time for the RCB camp to introspect and start afresh for the next season. “We have all learnt a lot from this season and I am sure the guys realise a lot about themselves, their games and we are only going to get better from here on. It can’t get any worse. We probably had our worst season in the IPL and it is an opportunity to start fresh [ for the next season].”