VIVO IPL 2018- Mid Season Transfer Set To Light up The Eleventh IPL Edition

Cricket News– VIVO IPL 2018

This season’s IPL auctions are done and dusted , this season the two day auctions lived up to all the hype that it built before it, all the VIVO IPL teams are satisfied with the permutations on the paper ,they have got after the auctions,  but well   this year’s auction does not end here.

As per the reports this season VIVO IPL 2018 is set to have a mid season transfer, it will be done for the first time in the T20 league history, the mid season transfer concept is not new, in football this mid season transfer has had for a long time, this time the IPL franchises can swap their players or transfer their player during the mid season transfer.

Rajiv Shukla, the head of IPL governing body confirmed that new and he voiced: “Yes, this time the IPL will see mid-season transfers,”

An official has announce that all the franchises can take part to this mid season transfer and he also thinks it will worth nothing if there is no demand for players by any teams in the middle of the tournament.

The official added: “The transfer will take place in between Match No. 28 to 42 and the transfer window will be open for roughly five days. The transfer will take place only if there is a demand for that particular player from another franchisee,”

Prvin Amre, the assistance coach of Delhi Daredevils has backed this move and also said that this season it is good to let go someone if any team require his service rather than to bench him.

Parvin Amre quoted: “Every youngster who comes into the IPL aims to play at some point. The transfer window is a great initiative by the IPL. Sometimes, players are bought in the auction, but don’t fit into combinations. As a result, he has to be on the bench. In such a scenario, it makes sense to trade the player if he is not going to play in the tournament,”