Longest Run and Heaviest Weight Virat Kohli Ever lifted

When it comes to the topic of fitness, Virat Kohli is one of the fittest players among all the Indian cricketers.

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So does Kohli train for a longer duration of time? Kohli says no. Rather he says that he works with the highest intensity.

There are many cricketers in the Indian cricket team who are currently in the scene draws a great amount of inspiration from Kohli to keep their fitness in track.

Kohli spends quality time in gym where he lifts heavy loads and does compound workouts along with doing high-intensity cardio training.

Before Kohli made the word fitness sound cool, there were a handful of cricketers who had the tag ‘fit’ attached to them.

Fitness of a player can be seen by the way he fields in a match, those who get off the block swiftly and are quite agile and athletic on the field.

There are only some players, and that includes some bowlers, who can be termed ‘slow and average fielders’ in the Indian cricket team.

Along with the quality time spent in training, Kohli also takes extra care when it comes to his dieting plan and the players are also learning from him.

In an interview conducted by ET NOW, where there were rapid-fire questions asked, the Indian skipper has said about his current fitness regime, his fitness idol, how long has he run in his life, how much weight has he lifted and also what he likes to munch on (there’s a brand plugin there).

Here’s how the rapid-fire Q&A panned out:

Q: Are you the fittest you have ever been in your life?

Virat: At this moment… yeah.

Q: Who did you look up to for fitness?

Virat: For fitness, no one actually. I have just understood this all by myself, I didn’t look upto anyone.

Q: What is the longest you have ever run in your life?

Virat: 20 minutes at the speed of 14 kilometres an hour.

Q: What is the heaviest you have lifted in weights?

Virat: Deadlift of 145 kg

Q: If you ever feel like munching what will you have?

Virat: ‘Too yum!’ multigrain chips. (Names the brand he endorses and laughs. He’s a brand manager’s dream!)