According to Virat Kohli newsThe Indian national her Virat Kohli and the beautiful Anushka Sharma did eomthing very special publicly for the very first time.

Both of them came together for a commercial campaign for garments brand Manyavar and Mohey,

The commercial was so real whoever has seen asking for more, and in that commercial both of them trying to presume vows of a weeding couple, both Anushka and Virat add some yarn to the wedding vows, and makes it real life couples weeding goals.

The Indian Cricketing Captain Virat who simulate as a groom says that he will cook after his marriage for 15 days in a month and the Beautiful Anushka who Simulate as a bride says he will eat up the thing without any complaint, Anushka always says that she will protected all the serest password of Virat and Virat also says the he will never try to change Anushka as a person and he will love her for the rest of his life the way she is.
Anushka also says that she will let Virat Win in a carom game sometimes and also virat says he will always watch the TV series Season finale with Anushka,
Virat ‘s word impressed the beautiful Anushka Sharama but In reply Anushka says: “Nahi bhi karoge toh chalega (even if you won’t, it will not bother me).”

After that Anushka says viratnot to call her by the names of Baby, Shona and in their last vow Anushka and the Indian Skipper virat looks into each other’s eye and says that they will lover and take care of each other always. Stay tun for more Virat Kohli News