Virat Kohli News- This job was more important to Virat Kohli than his National duty


As we all know that kohli opted out of the Limited overs game against Sri Lanka as because the current captain of the Indian Cricket team across all the three formats feels there are important jobs to be done other than Cricket

Virat Kohli opted out of the series to marry Anushka Sharma on the contrary he also said that he has been preparing himself side-by-side for the upcoming South Africa tour during his absence from the team for Marriage

Kohli has scored a total of 2818 runs in the 2017 calendar year with 11 centuries to his name , the player is definitely up for breaking old records and converting them into his name , Undoubtedly he is a quality player and the team is always looking for positivity In him

The Tests will be followed by six ODIs and three Twenty20 Internationals.

Asked how difficult will it be for him to return to cricket post the marriage celebrations, Kohli replied: “Not difficult at all, it was away for something (marriage) which is much more important. That is a period that will always remain special for both of us.”

“Switching back to cricket is not difficult at all because it is in my blood, like it is for every other team member and the team management as well, so getting back to professional front is not difficult at all,” he added.

Even though he was busy with his wedding celebrations, Kohli said he continued to prepare for the gruelling South Africa tour side-by-side during the break.

“I haven’t done anything in the past three weeks. I have been training to get back to play in South Africa. Somewhere in your head you are always thinking about you have something important coming up, so subconsciously you are looking forward to it (South Africa tour). So, mentally I am