Virat Kohli News- Sourav Ganguly rates Virat Kohli

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The former Indian cricket team skipper Sourav Ganguly ponders that the current Indian cricket team skipper Virat is at par with Sachin Tendulkar in ODI Cricket.

Virat Kohli News says that in the recent past Virat has passed Ricky Ponting’s 30 ODI tally and now he is sitting in the second spot on that list just after the legendary Sachin Tendulkar.

The God of Cricket Sachin Tendulkar has gone 100 centuries in his name and in ODI’s he has 49 century, and in which pace Kohli is raking up centuries the former Indian skipper believes that the record of the Master Blaster is breakable, and Sourav is impressed after his wonderful knock against New Zealand.

After that wonderful innings, Sourav congratulates him.

Questions asked to Sourav Ganguly what he feels can Kholi break the record of the Master Blaster, Sourav Replied that fans must wait a bit more to see Virat break the milestone and but he also says that 19 more tons need some hard work to be done.

Sourav added: “It is possible and you cannot rule that out. We will have to wait and see but 19 hundreds (Virat needs to break Sachin’s record) is a long way and people do not get 19 hundreds in their career. But I think we should forget about hundreds, forget about whether he gets to Tendulkar or not because probably he is as good as Tendulkar when it comes to ODI cricket,”

“He is a fantastic batsman, he will continue to score runs and keep winning a lot of matches for India. He is in his late 20’s now (Virat turns 29 on 5th Nov) and is going to get older and will be in his mid thirties in a few years. He is a very fit cricketer so I do not think age will be a factor for him,”