Virat Kohli News: Shoaib Akhtar Argue, Virat To Score 120 Centuries

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Virat Kohli News: Virat recently scored a magnificent century against Sri lanka during the 2nd innings of the 1st test at Eden Gardens. It was a land mark, as it was the 50th international century for Virat and also his 18th Test century.

The Indian captain got admirers from all over the world for his splendid career till now and one more name got added in the list as the Pakistani pacer Shoaib Akhtar also admirers Virat Kohli.

Shoaib said, “Virat Kohli is a modern-day great. When it comes to run chases, no one has ever shown better understanding of pacing an innings. Yes he has 50 international centuries now. I think he is the only player who can break Tendulkar’s record. But there is no pressure on him. He should just go out there and enjoy the game. He should just look after himself.”

“If Misbah-ul-Haq can play until 43, I am sure Virat can play until he is 44. If he plays that long and if he continues to score the way he is doing now, I have no doubt that he is the only one who can do it. In fact, he can hit 120 centuries,” he added. 

Shoaib Akhtar recalled him bowling to Virat the first time he says, “It would have been great if I had played against him a bit more. Unfortunately he was too young towards the end of my career. He only faced one ball from me in Sri Lanka. I was struggling with my knee. Then I remember this young kid with a lot of tattoos in his arm who was shuffling around the crease. But he had a spark and we all discussed about it in the Pakistan dressing room.”

“You know when I first came to international cricket, it wasn’t easy even for someone like Sachin to play me because I was bowling so quick. When I first played international cricket, Sachin was in his 10th year in international cricket and he had to face me, Glenn McGrath, Wasim, Waqar. But he still went on to score many more hundreds to become the only player to score 100 international centuries. That showed the ability of the man,” Akhtar, who retired from the game in 2011, told in Virat Kohli news.

The Rawalpindi Express admitted that he is very fond of India, saying, “You know I have utmost respect for India and its people. They have launched me as a brand ambassador for their news channels. You know I am probably the only one who probably had a live show in Shivaji Park when the Navratri was going on. But there were thousands of people standing there and listening to me. That’s the kind of love I have got from India.”