Virat Kohli News: Metal toughness is required to face the challenges says Virat Kohli


Indian Captain Virat Kohli claims that the Indian team will have prepare themselves mentally strong to cope with the bouncing tracks in South Africa. More update on VIRAT KOHLI NEWS

The biggest challenge that the Indian batsman will face in South Africa is bouncy and fast pitch, something rare sight in Indian conditions. Indian batsman struggled a lot in the first Test and would be even harder in the second Test. As it will be a tough ask for the Indians Batsman to face the menacing South African pace battery in such condition of Centurion.

In the recent interview Virat said, “One must not get surprised by the bounce here. You have to maintain composure, when you get sudden change of bounce when you experience in South Africa. There are other pitches around the world which bounce a lot but here bounce is steep, and it can be quite steep from length also. I think those are things that you need to mentally tune yourself to get over, and adjust to, and accept that this is going to be a major part of batting in South Africa.”

The Indian Skipper isn’t expecting much change in the dynamics of the game and certainly believes the pitch will not be much different. But Virat Kohli needs to address few chances in the playing XI

“We actually wanted it to be that way so that both teams are into the contest, provided they play some good cricket. So, we’re pretty happy to see the wicket, how it behaved in Cape Town that gave us many opportunities to stay in the game and allow us to make comebacks whenever we were put under pressure. This pitch will again test us to play our best cricket and that is something that we’re looking forward to,” Virat Kohli signed off.