Virat Kohli News: He has got a Major Role to Play in the formation of the Team


As per the Virat Kohli News the former captain of the Indian Cricket team Saurav Ganguly said that there is a handful amount of motivation from the side of Kohli for MS Dhoni 

As of this year is concerned he has smashed 627 runs in the 19 games played so far with an average of 89.57 runs, he has showed some courage and has batted till the end to ensure that his team plays till the last and get a convincing win against the teams across formats 

“When players play for so long… MS Dhoni has played over 300 ODIs for India, they know how to get runs. More than 9000 runs for Dhoni in one-day cricket and he’ll get a few more by the time he finishes,” Ganguly was quoted as saying to India Today on Tuesday (September 19). “It’s the captain’s confidence and Virat should get a lot of credit for it because he’s put a lot of faith in Dhoni and that allowed MS to play the way he wanted.
“Players are made and players are broken by the faith you show in them. And I think Virat Kohli is responsible for what we are seeing of MS Dhoni today,” Ganguly added.

Speaking about the top performers how can we miss out the name of Hardik Pandya who is clearing the fences with such ease and not allowing the oponents to bench up a convincing win over his side

During the 1st ODI against Australia he scored his career best performance of 83 runs in just 66 deliveries he faced and partnering Dhoni with 118 runs

“He’s (Pandya) getting better and that’s the best part of it. You can see the confidence, because of the performance with the bat, in his bowling. If you do well in one aspect of the game you automatically get better in the other aspect,” said Ganguly. “He’s got to think big because the job of an all-rounder is not easy. He’s fit, he works hard and for him the role model should be Jacques Kallis. I’m not comparing him with Kallis but he should start looking at putting in performances over a period of 10 years in all formats because he’s got ability.”