Virat Kohli, MS Dhoni & Rohit Sharma will be Under the Hammer in this year IPL Auction ?

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Accodring to cricket buzz, In the last meeting of Indian Premier League (IPL), the governing counselling bodies have been suggested with a proposition of retention of the players by the team in next year’s mega-auction.

Last week the IPL governing bodies held a meeting and there it was proposed that every team playing the IPL should be allowed to retain just three players from their previous squad, which would comprise of one Indian player and two foreign players. 

However, next year there will be mega-auction in IPL. But the decision is still pending as few of the franchises has opposed the idea and therefore the member of the IPL governing council are yet to take any stand on it. But it is to be believed by next month the decision will be hence taken after a workshop conducted by the IPL officials.   

On the other side there are few franchises, who propose the idea of bring all players under the hammers, so that every team will get equal chance to bid for big names such Virat Kohli, MS Dhoni , Rohit Sharma, ABD and many more. As given a chance of retention then every team will retain star players. 

 “We are not too convinced with the idea because retention kills the chances of the big names being available for auction. Also, the whole idea of the auction came from the transfer window in football. And if you look at them, every player is free to move to whichever club they feel like according to their preference and the financial offers,” claimed a franchise owner according to Cricket Buzz.

“If retention is applicable even in the mega-auction, then what sort of a fresh auction is it? We will surely bring this matter up with other owners and the GC during the workshop. As of now, we would like to believe that the old decision stands and all players will be available at the auction,” justified the official further.

This would mean that the auctions would be a cracking contest with franchises going all guns blazing for the marquee players such as Virat Kohli, AB de Villiers and David Warner, thereby soaring up their prices.
This open auction would mean equal chance to have a crack on the marquee players, and franchises can go all guns blazing for players such as MSD, ABD, Kohli and many more superstars.