Virat Kohli Hairstyle | Virat Kohli Tattoo

Virat Kohli is right now the poster boy of the world of cricket, he is a sensational batsman and also a wonderful leader, the young cricket fans like to follow his playing technique and also his amazing style sense as well, he has the ability to woo the cricket fans with his amazing style statements, he is more of a like Cristiano Ronaldo in cricket, he is the youth icon now that everyone wants to be like and every next person wants “Virat Kohli Hairstyle & Virat Kohli tattoo” , he is the modern day trendsetter in the cricketing world and keeps himself highly maintined.

He has some good taste in his hairdo, right now Virat has been the cornerstone of the Indian team with his consistency with the willow allow him that spot in the team, and he has a huge fan base because of his on field and off field performance. Because of his killer looks and his on-field performance now many brands try to cash in on his popularity to propagate their products.And also Because of his huge fan base recently he has collected the inaugural Instagram awards in India.


1.High Fade Modern Pomp 

Virat Kohli Showing off his new haircut with hairdresser

2.Modern Pompadour

Virat Kohli’s recently posted professional look

3.Taper Fade

Virat Kohli in BCCI awards

4.Long Messy Hair with High Fade

Virat Kohli poses in a messy look

5.High Bald Fade with Pompadour

Virat Kohli poses in a short undercut

6. Low Fade with Tall Thick Spiky Hair

Virat Kohli during shoot in thick spiky look

7.Textured Short Quiff with lines

Virat Kohli in Short Quiff and two lines

8.Low Faded Modern look

Virat Kohli poses in a Modern look

9.High Fade with Separated Spikes

Virat Kohli poses during the Ad shot

10.High Fade with Messy Hair

Virat Kohli during the practise session 

11.Taper Fade with Messy Hair

Virat Kohli clicks selfi with taper Mordern look

Nowadays the sportspersons are the trendsetters, players like  Shoaib Akhtar, Ajay Jadeja were the poster boys of their time, now the modern day cricket is bit different as the glamour quotient is added with the sports, the new generation cricketers has completely changed the looks of the game , nowadays the cricketers are the trendsetters, fans now  not only try to imitate their favorite players playing style but also their hairstyle, tattoos everything.

Right now in the Indian cricket team, Virat is the Iconic figure, today’s youth try to follow his hairstyle, his tattoo, he has a huge social media fan base because of his wonderful playing style and his wonderful style sense off the field.


1.God’s Eye 

The first on his left shoulder is ‘God’s eye’. It is symbolic of the power of seeing and understanding that which is unknown and unknowable.

2.Samurai warrior

A Japanese Samurai warrior with a raised sword is tattooed on his left shoulder is Kohli’s favourite.The Samurais were the warriors of pre-modern Japan who believed in living the life based on loyalty to one’s master, self-discipline and respectful, ethical behavior.


Virat also got inked a tattoo of a monastery on his shoulder. This is a symbol of a place of peace and power.

4.Lord Shiva 

Kohli also has a tattoo of lord Shiva in meditation with mount Kailash and lake Mansarovar at the back where he used to meditate.

5.Parents names

Virat inked his parents name on his left arm in the Hindi language. shows his love towards mother Saroj Kohli and late father Prem Kohli.

6.India Cap numbers

Next tattoo inked on his left shoulder is of his Test cap numbers 269 and ODI cap number 175.


Virat Kohli has inked a scorpion, which is his Zodiac sign, written on his right bicep.