The press asks virat kholi why don’t you come in so many press conferences? The Indian test captain says that he was waiting (laughs).

The Indian test captain feels that those questions are taking the focus away from the team, we don’t believe in that because we have to go and play our natural game ourselves.

The 27 year old right handed batsman said that Indian team goal is to win games of cricket at anywhere and against anyone. We have proved that over the past one and a half years.

So we don’t go there to assert anything to anyone, we have an emulating win and we have to win because people have so many query. We are doing our jobs and they are doing their jobs.

That’s how it goes, it’s basically what u want to amuse and   u don’t want to amuse, and it’s as simple as that.

But when we go on to the field we have control of what we can attain, we understand our caliber, we have enough belief in our force, to play a god cricket anywhere,

We believed in ourselves and to disburse our plans to the best of our abilities.

Now team India  is get the top spot on the test rankings under the 27 year old captaincy, he mentioned that rankings are something that just an provoking that what u do on the field, and he added he don’t even know how many points difference is there. We as a team just want to win every game that we play; it’s as simple as that.

Now the question is can team India manage to win in Australia and in South Africa? So then the captain replied that it’s a very emotional question, they have a very long season fore at home, and we won’t play any test match away from home till the end of next year. So there is no answer basically and for him to give an answer its very tuff.