The 32 year old Indian player who just recover from a shoulder injury he thinks that the new Indian captain always has a game plan.


The 32 year old Indian batsman is one of the most consistent players for team Indian for  the last couple of years in the test matches, but the player does not want to restrict him only in the test matches, he wants to play in the all three formats, and he thinks he need not look beyond the 28 year old Virat Kohli who played a exceptional game in 2016, for encouragement.

Vijay added: “Kohli’s consistency has been brilliant. He has a game plan for every situation. He is setting a great example for all of us to raise our bar. He is one batsman who has done it across all three formats,”

In 2015 in the month of July Murali Vijay played the last ODI match for India but now he has a chance to come back in the starting lineup for the Upcoming Champions trophy.

Vijay was a part of Indian team who won the Champions Trophy last time in England and he has the ability to play in England they way he leaves the balls outside off-stump that can help him in England.


He added: “Definitely, I’m pushing myself to play all three formats for India. The selection is not in my hands, but I’m working hard on my fitness and skill level. I am already doing well in Test cricket and want to be as consistent as possible,”

In the last test against England Vijay picked up a shoulder injury against England, he will join team India in Monday for their single test match against Bangladesh. 

Vijay added: “I have been training at the National Cricket Academy and as well as in Chennai. The rehab process has been really good. I had a couple of injuries. One was a fracture on my little finger and the other was the shoulder. I have played three games for TN (in the T20s) since the injury. I couldn’t perform, but the way I’m approaching the games, I’m getting the rhythm back. I feel 100% fit now,”

From February 23 india will play a four match test series against team Australia and Indian players are already planning for that series,
Questioned asked to Vijay what is his plan to play Mitchell Starc,

He replied: “I’m up for any challenge and I have strong belief in my ability and skill. I just hope I don’t have any more injuries. I have gone through a phase where I have been injured quite a bit and have had to come out of it.”