Unique Celebration of Virat Kohli After He Scored His Century Explained

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Whenever Indian skipper Virat Kohli scores a century, it is indeed a treat to watch his celebrations as they tend to be something new.

Cricket news: The celebration had a hidden message of its own which Kohli wanted to say

The celebrations bring an extreme amount of delight to his fans’ faces, be it a lunge in the air, the fist pump, the big roar or the flying kiss. On the previous 60 different occasions, the fans were always treated with some brilliant celebrations on display.

However the 61st century which came against the Windies was indeed a bit extra special. It was Kohli’s 37th ODI century and it did not come very easily.

There was this tough pitch condition and the humidity which was draining his fatigue in the process of him trying to reach the landmark. So when he reached it everyone knew that an aggressive celebration was coming from him.

Moreover it was the same innings where the legendary batsman had crossed the 10,000 runs mark and hence everyone was expecting a trademark celebration. However to everyone’s surprise, the celebration was a very submissive one.

Although he did not celebrate much after getting to his century with a boundary, yet his celebration had a hidden message which he wanted to convey to everyone and it was also understood by all.

Kohli lifted his bat and then pointed his index finger towards his bat. He then finally started opening and closing all his five fingers. Later he lifted both his hands to acknowledge the appraisal from the crowd. He also lifted his bat towards the dressing room where the rest of the team was clapping.

The message clearly meant that he wanted his bat to do all the talking for himself. The celebration was possibly because he was too tired and did not want to lose much energy in the celebrations. However the hunger and intent was clearly seen in his eyes which gave all his fans a hell of a goosebump moment.