Fast bowling is alwyas an exciting sight to watch in the game of Cricket. The bowler run in at top speed, taking that perfect jump and release that ball, which go at speed of light towards the batsman who has less than a second to decide what shot to play and how to avoid getting hurt.

But ever you wanted to know the speed of fastest deliveries that have been bowled in Cricket history.

In cricket history there have been many fastest bowlers like Fred Trueman, Fred Spoforth, Wayne Daniel, Albert Trott, Sir Wes Hall but they were before the speeds of their deliveries could be measured. Nowadays in modern cricket, the speeds of the balls can be easily measured the speed of each every deliveries and we can find out the fastest bowler in modern times.
So here is the list of top ten fastest deliveries ever bowled in international cricket,

10. 155.7 kmph Dale Steyn (South Africa ) and Lasith Malinga (Sri Lanka)

The South African and the Sri Lankan ace Dale Steyn and Lasith Malinga are both in the 10th spot with the speed of 155.7 kmph.

The South African ace Dale Steyn is currently the fastest and best fast bowler in the world because of his speed, swing and accuracy which makes trouble for every batsmen in the world.

Steyn’s fastest delivery is 155.7 kmph bowled against New Zealand.

And the Sri Lankan ace Lasith Malinga is well known for his action of balling with high-speed, swing and the deadliest Yorker which are horrible for batsman in the world.

Malinga’s fastest delivery is 155.7 kmph and it was bowled against New Zealand in a 2011 World Cup match in Mumbai.

9. 156.4 kmph Shane Bond (New Zealand)

The New Zealand and former Kolkata Knight Riders fast bowler Shane Bond is on the 9th spot with the speed of 156.4 kmph as he was one of the premier fast bowlers during his playing days.

But his career was plagued with back injuries due to the exertion caused on his body due to his speed and he was forced to retire from the game of Cricket in 2010 after constant pain and discomfort.

8. 156.4 kmph Mohammad Sami (Pakistan)

Pakistan cricket are always well known for their fastest deliveries and so the former Pakistan international and current Islamabad United’s man Mohammad Sami is on the 8th spot with the speed of 156.4 kmph.
Sami’s fastest delivery is 156.4 kmph and it was against Zimbabwe in Sharjah in 2003.

7. 156.8 kmph Mitchell Johnson (Australia)

The Australian man Mitchell Johnson is one of the deadliest fast bowlers in cricket history ever, the former left handed Australian international is well known for his Yorker, bouncer and the ball swinging in both ways, which is like a deadliest dream for every batsman in the world.
Johnson bowled his fastest delivery against their rivals England at 156.8 kmph in 2013.

6. 157.7 kmph Fidel Edwards (West Indies)

Fidel Edwards, the former West Indies and current fast bowler of Hampshire is used to be counted as one of the fastest bowlers in the world when he debuted.

But injuries, which caused him to miss 2 years of cricket and since his return in the game, he has been mainly T20 cricket as a freelancer.
He bowled his fastest in 2003 against South Africa at the speed of at 157.7kmph.

5. 159.9 kmph Andy Roberts (West Indies)

The former West Indies international Andy Roberts is known as one of the deadliest and scariest bowler in the history of cricket. 

Roberts was also known as Ice man because he didn’t showed any emotions if he had hit any batsman and he is the one of chief reasons that West Indies dominated the world cricket for so long was their fast bowling quality along with Viv Richards.

Roberts has bowled his fastest delivery at 159.9 kmph against Australia.

4. 160.4 kmph Jeff Thomson (Australia) and Mitchell Starc (Australia)

The Australian duo Jeff Thomson and Mitchell Starc are on the 4th spot with the speed of 160.4 kmph.

Jeff Thomson bowled his fastest ball at 160.4 kmph on the fastest pitch in the world at Perth against the West Indies.

And the 26-year-old left-arm fast bowler bowled the fastest ball against New Zealand with the speed of 160.4 kmph which was a Yorker to the New Zealand well known bats man Ross Taylor.

3. 160.7 kmph Shaun Tait (Australia)

The third spot is occupied by the Australian ace Shaun Tait with the speed of 160.7 kmph.

Tait bowled his fastest 160.7 kmph delivery against Pakistan in a T20 at the MCG.

2. 161.1 kmph Shaun Tait and Brett Lee (Australia)

As we all know that the Cricketing nation Australia is well known for their fastest bowlers and the bouncers. So, here is no surprise that no. 2nd spot is also occupied by the former Australians duo Shaun Tait and Brett Lee with the speed of 161.1 kmph.

1. 161.3 kmph Shoaib Akhtar (Pakistan)

So here is the fastest delivery ever bowled in international cricket by the Pakistani ace, the deadliest bowler ever in cricket history Shoaib Akhtar with the highest speed of 161.3 kmph and it was against England.