Top 10 Footballers who famously embarrassed themselves

1. Cristiano Ronaldo looking at the Ass:

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the poster boy in the world of football and in his career he was also sometimes tagged as a womanizer because of his uncountable relationship and this hence proved on the football pitch also where he is staring at the beautiful referee  before taking a corner for Madrid.

2. Bayern Munich team mates playing with Ribery:

The German superpower Bayern Munich is known for their dominance over their opponents and their legacy and always produced several good players and also many legends played their part for the German giants.

French Footballer Ribery was also part with the prestigious side, and once after his goal the team mates were celebrating the goal with touching the genitals of Ribery.

3. Phill Jones making Sarcastic faces while stopping the attacker:

The Red Devils knows for their solidified team players and they are one of the most iconic teams over the years and also produced several good defenders from their academy  andPhill Jones is one of them but look how Jones is making faces to stop the opposite forward in the above mention pictures.

4. Peter Enckelman:

Goal keepers plays crucial roles for their team, it’s difficult for them to handle the ball at every moment.

Former Aston Villa Goalkeeper Enckelman made it hard for himself during a match against Birmingham City, Villa Defender took the throw back to his goalkeeper and Enckelman who tried to control the ball with his feet but missed it and then the ball trickled into back of the Villa net.

According to the news the goal cant be stand from a direct throw in but Enckelman mad eit look that he touched it and the goal stands.

5. John Terry:

The Solid defender of Chelsea, the leader was about to win the first ever Champions League trophy with Chelsea and for himself in 2008, However being a captain in the final against Manchester United he stepped up to take a penalty in the Penalty shoot out and as a result he slipped and missed the kick and United won the Champions League.

6. Tim Flowers:

Usually the Opposition strikers became the villain for any goalkeeper, but that not always right, in 1996 in a premier league match between Blackburn Rovers and Liverpool, Blackburn keeper Flower, was raking his foot in the pitch to create a dent which will create problem for Liverpool players but during that match Claymore’s shot bounce in front of him in the dent and past him to the net.

7. Jamie Pollock:

Scoring an own goal is always bad for any football player in the pitch, but scoring an own goal which can relegate your team from a top division to another is a embarrassment.

The Former Manchester City midfielder Jamie Pollock scored a thrashing own goal from a header and which resulted in the next season Manchester City played in the second division, and that goal was scored against QPR and after that match QPR fans voted him the most important man over the past 2000 years.

8. Khalid Askri:

The Moroccan Goalkeeper has been treated as a most unlucky goalkeeper in the football world.

In the 2009 Throne Cup Semi Final he felt top of the world after saving a penalty of  FAR Rabat in the Shoot out, after that brilliant save he was walking away from the goal post thumping his chest .

But, unfortunately the ball after one or two roll get into the net and the goal stands of FAR Rabat.

9. Ronny Rosenthal:

In 1992, Liverpool’s Ronny Rosenthal  was playing against Aston Villa, and during that match he managed to took the ball past goalkeeper with a beautiful first touch and finds an open net in front of him, with no player there to restrict him.

It was became very easy for him to knock the ball in the net but he tried to do more with the ball and as a result missed that golden opportunity  and knock the ball over the Bar.

10. Fernando Torres:

On his day, Torres moved to Chelsea from Liverpool for a British transfer record fee, he came with a determination and so much promise in his eyes to  put Chelsea as one of the giants of the European football.

But, his records in Chelsea is memorable to the football fans for missing the chances rather than scoring prolific goals for them, and he became a in effective player at Chelsea and after few seasons with them he left the club.