Three stalwarts who went unsold in the IPL auction

On this 19th of December in the city of joy, the IPL auction for the season of 2020 will take place, total 73 players will get their new franchise for the mammoth Indian premier league, as only 73 spots are left in the eight teams who all go out for the IPL trophy 2020.

Each and every year many players end up with no club behind their back in the auction, sometimes few big names also stays unsold in the auction, as the IPL teams don’t show their interest to invest in them as they are not the shining stars of the batch.

Mostly the IPL ,teams go for those players who have proven themselves at the international level, rarely they go for those international players who outshine in other domestic leagues than the international level.

It has been a decade since the IPL auction has been occurring before the Cricket gala, and on many occasions, there were some players who went unsold in the auction but later on they find themselves a team and prove their mettle in the biggest stage of domestic cricket competition.