The three heads of ODI decade

1)Eion Morgan:

This captain is responsible in framing the team from the 2015 world cup disaster to 2019 world cup win. From the minute details to the team’s style of playing. Taking after Alastair Cook’s retirement he was cook’s successor. His position as a captain was questioned when England was defeated in a humiliating way against Bangladesh in the group matches failing to reach the quarters.

His extremely aggressive captaincy helped to shape the young team in a perfect tone which was ready to give the toughest competitions. Under the captaincy of Eoin Morgan, England had won the world cup in 2019 creating an history to their first world cup win ever. His efforts, patience, perseverance and definitely grip of captaincy made it possible. He molded the team in his own remarkable way and England is a team which is hard to defeat in this decade, making him the third head of ODI captaincy.

Hence there were and are many captains of this decade but these three heads made special efforts in framing their team and bringing out the best in them, because a good captain is not someone who leads a good team but leads a team which has gone through failures and then achieves the best success together.


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