The three heads of ODI decade

2)MS Dhoni:

Mahendra Singh Dhoni was the captain cool of the Indian Cricket team and the best friend of his teammates. MS Dhoni was good at both personal and professional captaincy. This decade had seen him captaining around 130 matches out of which India had achieved glory in 71 matches updating the win percentage to 58.3. He was rewarded the captaincy in ODI of team India after the quick win of T-20 inaugural world cup. Most importantly he won the T-20 world cup when India was upset after the disastrous 2007 world cup.

After 28 years it was he who brought the world cup home with his remarkable helicopter shot. There was a controversy regarding his removal in the year 2012 but again in 2013 under his captaincy India got victory over the Champions Trophy. MS Dhoni is one of the best captains having records of India winning the world cup, T-20 world cup as well as the Champions Trophy under his captaincy. Indeed the captain cool was an unique captain this decade will ever see making the second head of the ODI captaincy.


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