The three heads of ODI decade

3)Micheal Clark:

Michael John Clarke took the captaincy after the remarkable Ricky Ponting, who led Australia to its victory in World cup for three times. Clarke’s captaincy had coincided with the Australia’s worst gen of players in the near three decades. Australia had been going through a low standard performance when Clarke was elected a captain.

Australia had been the most successful teams of all times and probably for the first time in the 21st century, team Australia was incapable to invoke fear among the opponents and had continuously faced insulting defeats and critical comments. The year 2k14 had witnessed Clarke going through several back injuries. In spite of his suffering , Australia had won the world cup in 2015 defeating its neighbor New Zealand under the captaincy of Michael Clarke in front of crowd Melbourne Cricket ground had never seen.

The captaincy of Michael Clarke was not phenomenal but despite facing humiliating defeats he led the team to 2015 world cup glory just like some great captains would do. Seen together he is none other than one of the great captains Australia would get because he was able to invoke the spark in them when Australia had been losing, making one of the heads of the ODI captaincy.


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