The greatest NFL dynasties all have to end – there’s no way of avoiding it

Every year during the build-up to the Super Bowl, talk of the greatest NFL dynasties increase as a sense of nostalgia sweeps across the United States. This is, after all, the most prestigious sporting fixture in America with the winners forever immortalized. Like clockwork, fans will begin to recall their team’s glory days as the Super Bowl showdown draws ever closer as well as look on enviously as other franchises get closer to the holy grail of American Football. 

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Kansas City Chiefs: Will They or Won’t They?

This time around, all eyes and talk are centered on the Kansas City Chiefs who are the favorites in the latest NFL Super Bowl odds at a price of +275 to triumph. Should the Chiefs go all the way in Arizona in mid-February, then it will be their second Super Bowl title in just four years. Now, given the relentless competition in the NFL, two titles in four years are getting close to dynasty status. 

A Long Time Coming 

Yes, this particular Chiefs side, coached by the experienced Andy Reid, has found a devastating rhythm in recent times. This type of momentum, however, doesn’t arrive overnight and it’s worth saying that the owners spent years trying to find the right on-field balance. The result, as we can now observe, is a team that looks set to go down in the annals of NFL history having proved to have been consistently better than every other franchise over a period of time. 

Of course, the Chiefs still have to navigate the final stages of the NFL playoffs and make the most of the back-breaking sacrifice that everyone has put into building a potential NFL dynasty. Ultimately, glory is within touching distance but at the same time, nothing is ever guaranteed given the breakneck speed that change occurs in the NFL. In other words, failing to do so now will not mean that the chance arises again in 12 months’ time. 

Now or Never 

At least, history has repeatedly taught us that these dominant periods at the top of the sport will always end at some stage or other. It is, in essence, about capitalizing on the opportunity at hand that has been manufactured and not cozying up to the comforting thought that there will always be tomorrow to make amends.

Indeed, the unavoidable reality is that away from the bright lights of the Arrowhead Stadium where the Chiefs have enjoyed some of the best success in their history over recent times, there is a team working tirelessly in the shadows, putting the final pieces of the foundation together in order to build their own dynasty. American Football over the last five decades is full of these examples of the inevitable changing of the guards and in what seems like the blink of an eye, the once-pretenders will be ready to take over. When that day comes, all any player or coach can do is be certain that they contributed everything to a winning cause.

Will this current Chiefs team take control of its own destiny and leave an eternal mark on the sport? Only time will tell.