Sachin Tendulkar, the God of cricket said that, he will be providing all kinds of support to the sports persons who are in acute need of medical aid

The batting legend expressed that he did not have any further scope to serve the Indian cricket industry but will be showing a little gratitude to the sports persons and professionals who are in acute need of medical aid. Tendulkar will also fight for the dreams and aspirations which do not rise high due to lack of medical help.

“My relationship with healthcare runs very long thanks to the multiple injuries throughout my career. In fact, I would not have been able to serve Indian cricket and chase my dreams but for the support and care of many medical professionals and physiotherapists,”  said the legend after he inaugurated Aster CMI Hospital.

“I also have a medical professional at home which has been my best partnership. Medical issues are not restricted to sportspersons and I can tell you from experience that it is the quality of care which heals.”

“That is where Dr Moopen and his team have made a special and consistent effort trying to live their philosophy of we will treat you well. Physical fitness and well-being is key, and we must each pledge towards a swasth bharat.” the legend concluded.