Superstitions Of 10 Famous Cricketers

3. Sachin Tendulkar (Always wore his left pad first)

Image Source : Business Standard

It was the year of 1989 when ‘The God of Cricket’ made his Test debut against a ferocious Pakistani bowling attack. At that time, Sachin was just 16 years old. But in the year 1992, Sachin scored his first Test century against England. Since then he never looked back.

Over a span of 24 years, ‘Master Blaster’ scored over 34,000 international runs. Whenever Sachin came out to bat, the entire nation had their hopes pinned on him. However despite all talent and skills, Sachin too believed in superstitions.

He used to wear his left pad first always before going to bat. Even his wife Anjali had her own superstitions. She used to sit in the same spot of the room as long as Sachin batted. However it was because of Sachin’s brilliance that he had achieved so much successes.

4. Virender Sehwag (Didn’t keep any jersey number)

Image Source : Daily Hunt

Viru is undoubtedly one of the fearless and entertaining opener the game has ever witnessed. Whenever the Nawab of Najafgarh came to bat, the fans became thrilled and the bowlers became frightened. Sehwag is till date the only Indian to score two triple centuries in Test cricket.

Sehwag has scored over 8,000 runs in international cricket. In 2011, Sehwag broke Sachin’s highest score in ODIs by smashing the Windies’ bowlers. After retiring in 2015, Sehwag has become an social media celebrity. His clear-minded approach is reflected through his witty tweets.

Like his opening partner Sachin, the Delhi opener too had his own superstitions. In his early career days, Sehwag used to wear jersey number 44. But after noticing some patterns in his scores, Sehwag decided to remove his jersey number. After that there always was a blank space behind his jersey.


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