Superstitions Of 10 Famous Cricketers

Image Source : Amar Ujala

We all have our own superstitions and we believe in them no matter what. For some they have a favorite vehicle, while some others have favorite t-shirt. Although we know that a person can be successful on the basis of hard work and determination. But we cannot totally leave luck factor aside.

Famous cricketers may enjoy the limelight. They may be demi-gods or mega celebrities in front of their fans. But they are humans too. They too have successes and failures in their lives. Sometimes they believe in some sorts of superstitions as well.

These superstitions help them to calm their mind and give them added confidence. Throughout their illustrious career, many players have followed a specific method in the hope of achieving better success. These hopes keeps them afresh and let them keep going.

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Here is the list of superstitions of 10 famous cricketers:

1. Zaheer Khan (Kept a yellow handkerchief in his pocket)

Image Source : Zee News

In a batting-dominated country like India, there is always a scarcity of pace bowlers. After legendary Kapil Dev retired, it was Zaheer Khan that led the Indian pace attack. Zak along with Javagal Srinath and Ashish Nehra became a formidable trio in the 2000s.

Zaheer’s life has always been an inspiring journey. From working in a textile mill to taking 600 international wickets and becoming a world champion, he is a true leader. In the historic Test series against England in 2007, he was the leading wicket-taker.

Apart from that he was the joint highest wicket-taker, along with Shahid Afridi, in the 2011 World Cup. However Zak had his own superstitions. Whenever he came to bowl, he used to keep a yellow handkerchief in his pocket. Zaheer was a hard worker, but he won’t mind giving that yellow cloth some credit as well.

2. Sourav Ganguly (Kept photo of his guruji in his pocket)

Image Source : Gulf News

The Prince of Kolkata became India’s captain after a chaotic match-fixing scandal. Till date he is India’s third successful Test captain with 21 wins, behind MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli. He also led the team to the 2003 World Cup finals.

It is widely believed that it was Ganguly that paved the way of a better Indian team. MS Dhoni later capitalized on it and reaped the rewards of Ganguly’s efforts. Sourav played for over 15 years and notched over 18,000 runs.

When everyone had belief in Ganguly, the Bengal tiger had belief in his superstitions. He used to keep the photo of his guruji whenever he went on the field. Apart from that he used to wear rings, maalas and even changed his T-shirt number. However superstitions cannot undermine his graceful cover drives and his extra skillset.