Sreesanth Reveals the Amount of Money He Is Making From Bigg Boss 12

Bigg Boss, the popular Indian television show, has always been known to create buzz and its season 12 this year has created even a bigger one since its commencement.

Cricket news: The out of favour Indian cricketer is one of the top attractions of the show this year

This has happened because of the main attractions of the show has been the out of favour Indian cricketer S Sreesanth. He had once tasted immense success in the sport but all soon vanished away once his name came up in the 2013 IPL spot-fixing scandal.

Although he was cleared of all charges after a couple of years, yet he could not make a comeback as he had a fallout with the cricketing board of the country.

Since then Sreesanth has been seen trying his luck in Bollywood movies, taking part in dance reality show and also sweating a lot in the gym as his transformation will seriously give some good goals to his fans.

Currently he is been seen in the Bigg Boss house where he has created a lot of drama for the media outlet. He has become popular in the show for his tantrums, aggression, outspoken attitude and non-cooperative with other fellow participants.

There were several instances where he threatened to leave the house midway in the season and was once seen trying to escape from the house. With all these rule breaking going on, it surely is not a good sign for Sreesanth.

Recently Sree has again broken a rule of the house. Among all the rules, it is strictly said to the contestants not to disclose the amount of money they are receiving for staying in the house.

However while having an argument with fellow contestant Surbhi, the cricketer revealed that he is getting INR 2.5 crores to be a part of the show. In a promotional video, host Salman Khan is seen annoyed with Sreesanth as he said that the latter should know what he is talking about.

The incident happened while Surbhi and Sreesanth were serving their punishment together in the house. Surbhi had tried to provoke Sreesanth to which the latter revealed the amount of money.

Sreesanth and Surbhi are not at all in good talking terms and the cricketer had previously falsely claimed that he had caught Surbhi while she was smoking in the washroom.