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Sourav Ganguly Family

Sourav Chandidas Ganguly, who is affectionately known as ‘Dada’ in the cricketing fraternity, is a former Indian cricketer and was also the captain of the Indian national team.

He was born on 8 July 1972 in a wealthy family in Calcutta and was the youngest son to parents Chandidas Ganguly and Nirupa Ganguly.

Chandidas Ganguly had a flourishing printing business and was one of the richest men in the city. Sourav’s childhood was also spent in luxury and he was nicknamed ‘Maharaja’ meaning the ‘Great King’.

As the favourite sport of most of the people in Calcutta is football, Ganguly was became initially attracted to the sport and started playing too.

However studies came in between his love for sport and moreover his mother Nirupa did not want his youngest son to get indulged to any type of sports.

It was Sourav’s elder brother, Snehasish Ganguly, who supported his younger brother and encouraged him to take up cricket as his profession.

Snehasish was born in 11 June 1965 and was himself an established cricket player for Bengal. Although he has not played international matches like his younger brother, yet he had a flourishing career of over a span of 10 years with Bengal.

After taking his retirement from first-class cricket, Snehasish shifted his entire focus to the family printing business and took the NK Gossain Printers to new heights as it became one of the best known printing companies in the region.

Snehasish is also a present working member of the Board of Directors of Lux. Snehasish married Momm Ganguly, an eminent Mohiniyatam dancer in 1995 and was blessed with a daughter in 1988.

Sourav Ganguly, on his elder brother’s insistence, took up cricket while studying in the tenth grade, as he was enrolled in a cricket coaching camp during the summer holidays by his brother and father.

Although Sourav was right-handed, yet he started to learn to bat with his left hand so that he could use his elder brother’s sporting equipment.

For the two brothers’ help so that they could practise the game, their father decided to build an indoor gym and a concrete wicket in the house. It is from there that Sourav’s illustrious career began.

Sourav Ganguly Wife

Dona was born on 22 August 1976 to an affluent business family and was the neighbour of the Gangulys in Behala, Kolkata.

She was born to parents Sanjeev Roy and Swapna Roy and studied in Loreto Convent School. Dona is an eminent dancer and she started taking dance lessons from Amala Shankar from the age of three.

She later shifted her focus to the Odissi form of dance under the guidance of Guru Giridhari Nayak.

But Dona considers that the most significant development to her dance career came when she met Kelucharan Mohapatra and started taking lessons from him. In the early stages of Dona’s career, Mohapatra accompanied her to many functions with Pakhavaj.

Dona started a dance institution named Diksha Manjari which was inaugurated by the eminent singing sensation Lata Mangeshkar.

The institute has a capacity of more than 2000 students and offers courses on dancing along with yoga, drawing, karate and swimming.

Sourav Ganguly Love Affair and Marriage

Sourav Ganguly and Dona Ganguly’s (initially Dona Roy) love story could well have been scripted and turned into a film as it had the perfect mixture of secretive meetings, non-consent from the two families, marriage by elopement and many other things.

Both Sourav and Dona knew each other since childhood days as they lived in the same neighbourhood. Sourav would regularly pass by her house for football practise or other activities and would spot her always.

He would sometimes pass by Dona’s school too on certain days with the hope of just spotting her and able to see her.

For Dona, opportunity came when Sourav came to play badminton outside her house. She became thrilled whenever the shuttlecock fell in her house’s compound, as she would run to return it and would then have a chance to meet Sourav.

The couple did not remember how they initially fell in love, however they clearly remember their first date together.

The couple went to a Chinese restaurant named Mandarin, in Kolkata, for their first date. Dona was surprised with the quantity of food Sourav could eat as he ordered a lot of food and ended up eating it all.

Slowly things became serious between the two and they started dating each other. Initially the Gangulys where against the relation, but gradually they became okay with the union.

But the Roys were strictly against the relation. It was especially Dona’s father who had strong objection, as both the families were sworn enemies at that time due to matters in business.

In spite of all those complications, Sourav attended each and every dance program of Dona and she also attended each and every match of Sourav.

After the successful England tour in 1996, where he scored two centuries in his first two Test matches, the Indian team returned to the country in high spirits.

Ganguly had already made all the plans and he took Dona to a registrar and secretly got married before bringing her back.

At first the plan seemed to backfire as there were a lot of people in the registrar’s office, however they changed the venue and proceedings were done secretly in one of Sourav’s friend’s house and Dona Roy became Dona Ganguly thereafter.

The marriage was initially kept under wraps for a long period of time. When the Roys came to know about their daughter’s marriage, they became furious. However with passing time, they soon calmed down and accepted the groom.

A formal wedding took place on 1 February 1997 where the couple took the blessings of their family members. Since then the couple has been happily married, contented and in love with each other.

Both the couple love spending time with each other as they are often seen together going outside or attending any public events.

On 3 November 2001, the couple was blessed with a daughter whom they named Sana. She started her schooling from La Martiniere for Girls and later changed to Loreto House, Middleton Row, where her mother studied during her schooling days.

Both Sourav and Dona have always said that they would back their daughter in whichever career field she decides to take up for her future.

Sana is presently interested in dancing and she takes her lessons from her mother. She debuted as a dancer when she was 7 years old, where she played the role of young Krishna in the dance drama named ‘Krishna’.