Shane Warne’s son regrets not taking up cricket in fear of Nepotism

Herald Sun

The former Australian spinner Shane Warne is regarded as one of the best spinners of all time, and his son Jackson Warne was also set to follow the footsteps of his father and played cricket in high school matches but all of a sudden he snubbed the idea to become a cricketer.

Recently Shane Warne and his son both get featured in the A Few of the Wood podcast and during that show, Jackson Warne revealed the real reason of dropping cricket, According to Jackson he gets discouraged by the pressure and the attention of Media which he faces for being a son of the legendary Australian spinner Shane Warne.

Jackson Warne thinks he if opted for the game for cricket the expectation would have been huge on him to deliver at the big stage, he also thinks in the game of cricket he can not be a just an ordinary player, he needs to be one of the best in the game.

He also cited some scenarios from different sportspersons like Tiger Wood and LeBron James by saying that the pressure that their kids would have faced if they opt for the same sports they have played in their careers.
Jackson also accepted the fact that he also has regrets for not trying to that certain level.