The former Indian opener Sehwag told the sources that if you are on the field with the bat or the bowl the main key to succeed is to keep patience and belief within yourself that will definitely help any player to perform better

He is the first Indian player to score 300 runs and came into limelight with his extra fast batting efforts which at that time players used to have traditional approach of playing the game

He also told the sources that one should always listen as of what the coaches will say because they give much valuable advice which is very much required to uplift the game. But on this contrary he said that I always listened to my coach but I did it my ways as of how I feel comfortable to do

Urging youngsters to believe in themselves, Sehwag said, “I learnt to back myself early . I had self-confidence. The moment you don’t have confidence, you start losing everything. Never lose confidence or hope. I always listened to my coaches but did it my way. I heard various things from different coaches, but I realized I knew best on what had to be done with my batting.”

Sehwag, who inaugurated a cricket academy in the city on Thursday, revealed the impact of two Karnataka cricketers -former opener J Arun Kumar (JAK) and former batting great Rahul Dravid-his early career.

“When I started playing for India and Sourav Ganguly asked me to open the innings I always remembered how he (JAK) played -used the power play to score heavily . One thing I always remembered him tell me was to play more balls during power play . I used that at the international level and didn’t give strike to Sachin Tendulkar. That’s how I became a famous cricketer,” said the 38-year-old.

On the influence of Dravid, Sehwag added, “I started scoring big runs because of what Rahul told me. He said that to be respected by cricketers and media you have to score big. The 195 in Melbourne (against Australia, 2003) and then the triple ton in Pakistan (in Multan, 2004) changed a lot for me. That’s when I got respect from everyone. Everywhere I went people recognized me as the man who scored the first triple century for India.”