Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik Have Already Shortlisted a Few Names For Their Baby

Ever since the news of pregnancy of Sania Mirza have hit the news, there has been a lot of excitement regarding the child’s upbringing.

Cricket news: Sania have also made it clear that they will not push their child to pursue a specific career

Moreover some weird questions have also been asked which the tennis superstar have tackled very tactfully. Even she has also said that she has not married Shoaib to unite India and Pakistan.

Many times she has been questioned about her nationality to which she has said that she is an Indian first and Shoaib’s wife later.

Since the news of a new member coming to the family has reached the media, amidst all the excitement the media has also indirectly asked about the nationality of the upcoming baby.

In an interview to Sportstar Live, she has cleared all arguments about the upbringing of the child and said that for both Shoaib and her the family comes first. She has also said that although they belong to patriarchal societies, yet the attitude of the person changes with every individual.

“Firstly, neither Shoaib nor I look at bringing up a child as a burden. Yes, we both do come from patriarchal societies, but I think this depends on the attitude of individuals and from person to person and from family to family. The family is very important for both of us and we are looking forward, immensely, to sharing the chores associated with a new-born child.”

When she was asked how both husband and wife will tackle the issue of naming their baby, she said, “We have, mutually, shortlisted the names without a battle.”

The tennis superstar has also cleared the fact that both her husband and she will not force their baby to choose a specific career when the right time comes.